David Vashon

The Image Architect

David Vashon, The Image Architect, is the owner and founder of Bespoke Image Consulting located in Raleigh, NC. He is a respected leader in the image consulting industry and has gained an extensive amount of experience through his military service, law/security enforcement, and luxury sales and marketing. Recognizing that there was a severe lack of image consciousness in the area he decided to combine all of the experience to create an image consulting firm that doesn't just focus on how people dress but instead how they live and project themselves to the world around them.

His approach to image consulting is very holistic in which he believes in providing services that would cater to individuals' entire persona. He's had the privilege of working with very high profile clients including celebrities, athletes, doctors, lawyers, corporate executives and politicians. His goal is to provide his services to everyone and to raise the level of image consciousness in professional environments and local communities to equip individuals and businesses with a greater sense of confidence and help reverse stereotypes due to the wrong perception. Through workshops, one on one consultations, and partnering with various industry and community leaders he hopes to create a new culture of personal image and to establish Bespoke Image Consulting as one of the nation's most respected image consulting firms!

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