Bespoke Image Consulting strives to deliver superior service to our clients. After your initial consultation we will create a custom made package that will best fit you! With us being a full service image consulting firm we are able to offer services that fall under all 3 categories of image.

Nice Appearance


It is important to look good. Confidence in your appearance often result in confidence being exuded in your mannerisms and speech. At Bespoke Image Consulting we offer the following appearance related services:

Image Management: This service focuses on the character traits that impact how you are perceived by both yourself and others.
These character traits include: personality, trustworthiness, and intelligence. We also focus on your reputation, influence, and authority.

Image Branding: You are your brand. Understanding your brand is important for your success. We will help you make your brand consistent and powerful.

Wardrobe Consulting: We will help you build a wardrobe that suits your lifestyle and mirrors what you want to achieve in the future. The wardrobe we create will be easily accessible, versatile, and practical.

Great first impressions


Appearance is only a small percentage of your image. Your attitude can make or break you. At Bespoke Image Consulting we offer the following behavioral related services:

First Impression Coaching: It only takes 7 seconds for someone to form an impression of you. We will give you the help you need to make a great first impression.

Etiquette Consulting: People keenly observe how we behave in social settings. Bespoke Image Consulting will show you the ins and outs of social etiquette. We ensure that our clients are confident and that they can display the right behavior in any type of setting.

Executive Image Consulting: Our executive image consulting service focuses on command presence coaching. In command presence coaching we provide our clients with the guidance they need to be more influential in their careers or businesses.

Confident hand shake


What we say is just as important as how we dress and behave. Many opportunities are lost due to misunderstandings that arise from poor communication. At Bespoke Image Consulting we offer the following communication-related services:

Interpersonal Communication Consulting: We strive to help our clients use verbal and nonverbal communication more effectively. Bespoke Image Consulting focuses on coaching each client on body language, tone, verbal articulation, and public speaking skills.

Social Media Image Management: Your social media pages reflect who you are. At Bespoke Image Consulting we focus on helping our clients use social media as a tool of influence. We focus on what our clients should say and how they should say it in order to gain and retain followers.

Seminars and Workshops: Whether for large corporate training seminars or small community workshops we facilitate seminars and workshops that covers a broad range of image-related topics.